Monday, May 1, 2017

The Mystery of Chi (Qi - 氣) - Full Length - With fully translated subtitles in CC


'  Qi, or Chi, is a form of electrical energy that flows throughout the body, it is the life force... Qi flows around the body through, tiny river like systems called meridian pathways... Occasional, these
meridian pathways become blocked up... It can be looked at rather like a river being dammed off... It doesn't have to be a huge trauma, or one huge boulder that blocks the river off, it could be a great number of small irritations and stresses, rather like throwing a million small pebbles into the river, the pebbles soon build up and eventually, the river stops flowing...Left unchecked these blockages can result in a variety of ailments, ranging from minor illnesses, to life threatening diseases.... However, once these blockages are cleared, the irritations and stresses are realized and released, the Qi will once again flow unhindered, and the body will return to health.
Also... Because Qi is a form of electricity, it generates magnetism because, where there is an electrical current flowing, there has to be magnetism. They both co-exist, one cannot be without the other... So, it is important to keep ones Qi energy flowing freely and positively, this produces not only
good health but, it also produces a positive magnetic force , and having a positive magnetic force, will produce positive thought patterns, which in turn attract positive things into ones life.... The magnetic field produced can also be used to fend off negativity, in more ways than one... When mastered, if one were to be attacked for example, one wouldn't need to use any physical violence at all, and no pepper spray either... One can simple and effortlessly deflect any assault, be that
physically, spiritually or psychologically. '

Chi and the Meridian System


' Dr. Shui Yin Lo is a particle physicist, inventor, acupuncturist, the
maker of Double Helix Water, and the founder of the Quantum Health
Research Institute. Dr. Shui Yin Lo's books include Double Helix Water:
Has the 200 Year Old Mystery of Homeopathy Been Solved?, The Biophysics
Basis for Acupuncture and Health, Meridians and Stable Water Clusters:
Physics and Health: A Picture Book, and over 70 research papers. He's a
visiting faculty member and lecturer at Cal Tech Institute of Technology
and many other institutions.

We invited Dr. Shui Yin Lo to talk
about the meridian system - so well-known in the the field of
acupuncture - and its place in thermography. Thermograms have been
available for the last 25 years, and are used to locate inflammation and
determine where tumors or disease conditions are likeliest to develop.

many people know about the marvel of thermography, very few women
actually use it for breast cancer screening. Instead, they use
antiquated, unreliable mammography technology which beams radiation into
their breasts. Thermography has many useful applications. It is used by
the Department of Energy, the construction industry, and is now being
used to indicate disease and the health of our meridian system, through
which chi flows.

While he was living in Melbourne, Australia, Dr.
Shui Yin Lo invented and patented a special laser so powerful that it
could get rid of waste. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Office of
Technology Development, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory
collaborated in this research. The country of Australia required that
Dr. Shui Yin Lo give up his patent so that they could classify it.

Shui Yin Lo is also a qi gong master. He understands the meridian
system so well that he can look at a thermogram and know in minutes what
is going on with the organ systems and the body's meridian system. If
you enjoy learning and want to add new knowledge to your arsenal of
disease prevention, this would be a helpful interview to watch.'

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dr. and Master Sha: Five Elements Tapping


  Five Elements Tapping

For self healing

As taught by Dr Master Sha

1.duration 5 min or longer
Gong Ya You Tao
Gong Ya You Tao for Earth element tapping stm 36  just below

knees outside of lower leg  
dear soul mind body of earth element earth element include
body tissue muscle abd emotional body worry.

tapping this area is the key to open earth element for all the

sickness in earth element you could recieve the benefit when

useing chant ........Gong Ya You Tao....tapping outside lower leg

start near knee then work downward 


Shang Ya You Tao

for Metal element lung meridian (grief) outer chest near arm pit

for lungs,large intestines skin nose
lung connect with nose

good for infection common cold
constipation closely related to lung lung energy goes down
removes blockaged grief
arm pain tennis elbow shoulder pain

Thank you Dharma Budda 

Ar Ya You Tao
Fire element  (depression & anxiety) fear
small intestine
blood vessel artery
water element with this movement taping top shoulder

(trapezius)and kidney with other hand more middle of back

(meng man) navel level  dont tap hard here soft but feel forceful
kidney urinary bladder whole body bone
connects with the ear for tinitus 

Yu Ya You Tao
Water element (fear) combo tapping  as above
Insomnia heart & kidney need harmonizing.  Sleep like a baby! 


Jiao Ya You Tao

for Wood element
tapping with soft fists to outer Groin area& inner thigh standing

or sitting

for liver gall bladder
tendons& emotional issue... Anger

this covers all the five elements all the moct important organs
tissues and sense organs

self healing for the self and the world 

Ai Ya You Tao
Ai means love melts all blockage
swinging arms while standing

right hand on navel...   wood and water element
works all five elements
left hand mid lower below nipple hight chest.. fire earth metal
tapping with both hand with
Ai Ya You Tao.... chant

hie heng hong ar xi yi wung you... taping meng men and fire

chest chant as you tap  chant forward then backwards for

rejuvenating the body age

can do this with swinging arms swing to chest level fingers up

when arms forward fingers towards wrist when arms go

backwards wung yi xi ar hong heng hie

in english maybe like this...
 yooo ....wung ..zheee... are... hong... hung... hey .
 well thats as close as i can get it

can also tap meng men and fire chest while chanting this
removes all blockages with this sacred circle energy activation
energy flows through the whole body
so do both swing arms and the tapping with chanting forward and backward 

Pai Da "Tapping" Qigong

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